Most Effective way to write Meeting Minutes

Most Effective way to write Meeting Minutes

The answer to this question is, in general, a resounding no. This is a problem. The solution? Sending the Minutes of the meeting after the meeting concludes. Noting down the minutes is a good practice regardless, and this task should be assigned to one team member in the meeting. Nowadays, some AI based meeting assistants are also available in the market, however, in the end, human intervention is still needed.

Minutes of meeting

Noting down minutes is a tedious task as many individuals consider it as the waste of time as no one goes through it; however, if the minutes are concise and short other individuals may spare the time to go through the minutes.

If a new individual is asked to prepare the minutes of the meeting, the very first question that comes in mind is which points to add, or how to prepare the minutes. Here we will clear a few important things up

Important things to consider while writing your minutes of the meeting —

  • Company/Institute Name: Mention the name of the company or institute Involved in the meeting.
  • Date and Time: Mention the date and time of the meeting along with the timezone.
  • List of attendees: Mention the name and designation of all the attendees of the meeting.
  • Agenda: Mention the agenda of the meeting.
  • Discussion: Note the key points discussed during the meeting.
  • Notes: Take note of the key information conveyed during the meeting by the attendees.
  • Action Items: The key action points discussed and finalized in the meeting can be written in this section.
  • Next Meeting: Mention the date and time of next meeting along with the timezone.

The above are key points that should be included while preparing the minutes of the meeting.

Here is an example of a great set of meeting minutes —

Template for minutes of meeting

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