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When I Felt I Could Die, I Found Out What is Most Important to Succeed

When I Felt I Could Die, I Found Out What is Most Important to Succeed



I felt a Eureka moment today while doing my morning run. I think I found the secret to success. The answer to the perennial question- “What is one trait you have to build in yourself to be successful?”

It was just another day with me in the middle of a run. Like every day I had set up a targeted distance and was taking circles around the park. Taking a run in circles requires more concentration than running from point A to point B, since running in circles means you have the option to quit after every round

My long runs also provide me the opportunity for introspection. I consider it to be the best part of running- Imaginations run wild at the pace of legs, and I have found myself in middle of varied thoughts from Elon Musk to Scarlett Johansson, from profits to growth and the stock market crash, etc.

So today I started thinking what is that one skill to be built in oneself to be successful. Is it developing a habit of reading or is it about becoming a constant knowledge seeker? Does becoming obsessed with something is important or does building a network of people leads to success. As I started pondering over these thoughts, there was also a constant push from the other part of my brain that was telling me that I am tired and I should take a break. Even if I have not covered the distance I had targeted earlier, it’s ok to rest or else my heart could fail, and I would die soon

And that’s when it hit me. THE POWER OF FINISHING.

I think the most important trait to be successful is about how much obsessed you can be to finish anything at hand. Do you complete every task at hand before you take a break? Do you finish every book that you start? Do you make sure that the one task that could have been done today is not moved to the next day? Our mind is wired into telling us that we are tired and that if we do not sleep on time or do not take enough rest, we may soon find ourselves in the hospital with a breakdown but can you build the willpower to overcome those thoughts and make sure that you don’t settle unless the work is done.




The habit of finishing has far-reaching effects on productivity. Extending that last stretch leads to satisfaction which leads to overall happiness levels. Also making sure that there are no tasks left unattended frees your brain from the unnecessary worry of too many things to be done. Additionally, every such stretch makes sure that you are not spending time every time to get started. It’s like if you have a goal of 5 miles either you can do a 3 mile and do not enjoy the happiness that comes from achieving the goal or does 5 and feels satisfied for throughout the day.

What do you guys think about it? What are the factors you believe are most important to succeed in life?

Five People, I Want To Meet in 2019 and Why

Five People, I Want To Meet in 2019 and Why

Life is an eternal learning curve, so much to learn from so many aficionados.

We all have people we look up to, whether it’s for business guidance or ameliorating personal life. These role models of ours are what we thrive to be and follow their footprints. We follow them, envy them, get inspired, get motivated and learn from them. These mixed feeling persuade us to propel and take a step toward our dreams.

Everybody has a list of people they aspire to meet, here’s mine –

1) Dharmesh Shah – The Ace Entrepreneur

Dharmesh Shah


Founder and CTO of HubSpot are on top of my list. The kind of content and insights he provides is just amazing. He is like an idol. I look up to the honesty in his content, like what he has built with HubSpot. Introduced to HubSpot 10 years ago and have seen it grow into the giant it is today. I am pretty sure that every marketer has visited HubSpot at least once. HubSpot has become more like a Wikipedia for Marketers now.

Well, that’s not all, HubSpot also aims to help customer-centric startups and early-stage ventures reach their full potential. Recently HubSpot launched HubSpot Ventures – A $30 Million Fund to Support Customer-First Startups.

Neil Patel


New York Times bestselling author, a top influencer on the web, one of the top 10 marketers, creator of one of the best 100 companies are few of the accolades of Neil Patel.

I want to meet him because he is a top-rated marketer. I would love to pick his brain on digital marketing. Also, to tell him to upgrade his webinar software :p (Just Kidding)

Neil Patel
Gary Vaynerchuk


Whether I am going through my Instagram feed or surfing YouTube or just listening to the podcast: Gary always motivates and inspire me. One thing that I learned from him is – CRUSH IT


4) Byju Raveendran – The Visionary

Byju Raveendran


Founded in 2011, BYJU’s has come a long way under the leadership of Byju Raveendran. BYJU’s is a perfect example of building a global business from India. It was Byju Raveendran’s vision that made BYJU’s  #1 in Edtech space throughout the world. It would be really amazing if I got to meet such an accomplished man.

To add more, EdTech giant recently got $540 million in funding and got valued at $3.6 billion. Byju’s is set to use the fresh funding to build new products and aggressively expand in international markets.

Taso Du Val


Taso Du Val CEO of Toptal is one person that I am very eager to meet. As a remote work advocate myself, it always excites me whenever I hear someone talk about remote work. As they say “Surround yourself with those on the same mission as you,” it would be great if I could have a chat with Taso on the future of work.

Well here is my list but what about you? I am sure you have a similar list of people that inspire and motivates you, let me know who all you are on your list.

How In My 3rd Attempt, I Succeeded at Running a Marathon

How In My 3rd Attempt, I Succeeded at Running a Marathon

When you consider your life as a whole, it is bound to be full of ups and downs and in a lot of ways that is the essence of life. In a lifetime where you haven’t failed at all is one where you haven’t tried anything new at all. That is something alarming. Anytime you think of taking a risk; it is given that there is a solid chance of failure at the end. But you still got to do it, not just for the sake of experiencing things but for the need to get ahead. Learning is achieved through failures and downfalls. The will to stand back up and keep going at it is what defines your character.

The Back Story

Completing a full-length marathon has always been a pipedream for me, and at a certain point 
of time, I decided I was going materialize and worked towards realizing it. I started working towards the ultimate goal and completed a half marathon in October 2016. The success probably got to me as I decided on an impulse to go for a full marathon within just two months. The glory was perhaps what I was eyeing, and I failed to see the bigger picture – the training and back-end work one has to put up before being confident about my readiness to run. Needless to say, I wasn’t able to complete it that year.

Fast forward a year – in 2017 I was now determined to overcome all my shortcomings from the previous year. But what I completely overlooked was one of the most essential elements – Discipline! Training for a marathon requires a lot of strength training and conditioning, almost as much if not more than the actual run. I started training quite late and then haphazardly. One important thing to remember when you are training for anything the way is to go step by step. You run 10 miles on one day; then you cannot possibly expect to do 20 miles next week. It is always a gradual process, requiring daily efforts. The old tale of a hare and tortoise tells us to win races by being slow and steady, but I took the rabbit’s way. I went in it hard and fast and ended up hurting my knee just a few shy of the race day. The wait extended by a year!

“Why do we fall? So that we can learn to pick ourselves up.” -Batman Begins (2005)

The Current Scenario

The third time around and that is this year; I had learned a lot from the previous debacles. I was now determined to go beyond, cross all the obstacles and reach the destination. It was now time to take up the gauntlet and knock it of the park. This time, the training began much earlier, as planned. I went in one step at a time, progressing towards my aim one day at a time. The training gradually starts growing on you till one day it’s like an addiction. All you have to do is stay consistent, be persistent and see the progress. Every day, you have to work a little harder to go an extra minute. You can achieve that, and you will make progress for sure.

How to Stay Motivated and Prepared

  • Building a Peer Group –

Around this time, building a peer group of like-minded runners is very helpful. These peers are not only to push when you think you cannot go any further, but also to keep you motivated enough till and during the race day. Healthy competition is necessary to inch closer and closer to your goal.

  • Set Clear Goals –

Another thing that has to be taken care of is to have a clear goal in your mind, a goal that has to be specific and achievable too. There is a thin line between achievable and going too easy. Going easy will just make you lose all your tempo, but a challenge tough to achieve but achievable nonetheless is something worth going the distance for.

  • Social Pressure Helps –

Another thing that helped was social pressure. This year, I made a public announcement that I’ll be completing the upcoming full-length marathon. The heat of the moment announcement but it somehow build enough social pressure around me. Social pressure that helped me to keep going and kept me from quitting midway. I had to prove myself and show the world!

The Day of Showdown

After tireless hours of training, the day came. The day I was going to prove myself.

The nervousness was evident in the air on the day of the run. Thousands just like me had come there to run. Some were there to prove a point, others just for the fun of it while a certain section was made up of people who ran as a habit and didn’t want to know otherwise. The race began, and I consciously controlled my nerves. In my excitement, I would have gone too fast at first and then would exhaust myself at the 20th mile or so. I was well aware that this was the rubber match for me and the marathon. This time, I was determined to conquer!

During the run, you have to have some sort of motivation. There are a lot of ways to do that – music, talking to your peers, self- talk, etc. Self-talk is very necessary for such situations. Very often, our brain gives up way before our body actually has to. This result is human beings giving up way before their capacity. Our body is capable of going amazing lengths and staying unaffected; we are just scared to test it. Self-talk helps you tune out everyone else and focus on your own physical being.

“It ain’t about how hard ya hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done!” -Rocky Balboa (2006)

finished the race my third time. Isn’t it said that third time’s the charm? I sure do agree with it now. The satisfaction of finally finishing it was a bit overwhelming, to be honest. When you finally accomplish a task, there is this feeling of completion and the knowledge that you don’t have to work towards achieving it again from tomorrow. However, you become more than determined to get even better the next time around.


While running, you realize that once you are going at your absolute peak, the outcome is not going to affect you at all. Whether you finish or not, you start enjoying the moment. And at the moment, results and outcomes hardly matter. The only thing that matters is having fun, giving your absolute best and enjoying the process. For the final eventuality may last forever, but the journey is always the one that stays etched in memories.

Which is Superior: Flutter or React Native

Which is Superior: Flutter or React Native

This is certainly a big question in mobile app development domain. Many native mobile developers & web developers who are willing to learn cross-platform mobile app development do think about this.


 Flutter Vs React Native


React Native vs Flutter? Being a native Android developer, when I thought to learn new mobile technology, this was certainly a question. But as React Native is a bit older & more popular than Flutter, I started with React Native first. After learning from the documentation provided, I checked with some demo codes & tried very basic screens. Not to mention I have not really worked on JavaScript before but had little experience of it & CSS.

When I started and saw it working I really liked it. Just create components & CSS like the styling and you are done. At the simplest code level, you can put everything in one place. Most mesmerizing for me was the live reload, you just save it & bang… you see the updates on your phone (or emulator).

I tried some basic features which are required for a mobile app, like user inputs, clicking on buttons, navigating to other screens, making network calls & showing a list view. Then I started working on some bug fixing & other minor updates on the already developed project.

This experience with React Native gave me good vibes about it then I tried to learn more about this. Till now for me React Native was like magic, it is easier to start & create your mobile app for both major platforms available iOS & Android.

What else do you need? You can learn only one language & start coding and as a result, you will get an app for both iOS & Android. This sentence made me curious about such technologies so I thought to explore others as well.

The second obvious choice I had was Flutter. So I started for Flutter, installed everything required & tried my first Flutter project. To be very honest it didn’t look good to me, the code structure looked messy & complex, there were so many things & hard to understand the flow of it. This might have happened because I was very new to Dart language & hardly had seen it’s code before. Also, there are classes one for StatelessWidget another is StatefulWidget then you have a class for State. The syntax is also the mix of C & JavaScript styles. Probably these were the reasons which gave me my immediate thought ‘it doesn’t look good’.

But one should never judge a book by its cover, so I started checking more on this & I tried basic things like user inputs, button clicks, navigation & etc. Again if I compare this first interaction with Flutter with my first interaction with React Native then I would say later one is easy. It is difficult to start with Flutter as compare to React Native. Till now my impression was React Native is better, but still, I started exploring more on these two. Before we can conclude anything, let’s go to some background of cross-platform development.

Hybrid apps

Before React Native & Flutter there were (& still, are) platforms available for creating hybrid apps like PhoneGapIonic & others. These platforms use web technologies like HTML, JavaScript & CSS. Basically, it creates a website which eventually runs on a native WebView component, so actually, it is a web page running on a mobile web browser, it works like a native app & the user doesn’t understand the difference. Using these platforms you can create app faster if you are a web developer.

Though you can develop app faster & no doubt it is a big advantage, but with this, there are some shortcomings in using hybrid app development platforms.

Few are like:

  • Your app may be slow as it loads on a WebView component. Performance of a WebView may differ platform to platform, it may also lead to inconsistent behavior across many devices available.
  • Using native hardware features can be a tedious task. Not everything can be used in a smoother way.
  • If there is any new feature or update on the native platform, it may not be easily (or even) available early. You will have to wait for the support plugins you can get to access those new features/updates.
  • One more point can be about UI, it may not look & feel the same as native ones.

I am sure these hybrid app development platforms are improving. They are trying their best to match the performance of their app with an app developed through the native process.

The above segment has slightly taken the focus away from our main topic i.e. Flutter vs React Native? But the segment was necessary because it will help us understand why React Native & Flutter are different. What advantages these have over hybrid app development and ultimately we can compare both & try to find which is better.

The biggest difference between hybrid apps & the apps developed through React Native or Flutter is that compilation to native code. As mentioned before the hybrid one is actually a website which is packaged as a mobile application & on the other hand React Native & Flutter create apps which are compiled to native code. The components or widgets you use are compiled to their native equivalent. Then it becomes obvious that it will work faster as compare to a website running on a WebView.

From this, we can say the this ‘compiling to native code’ way is better than ‘creating a website & use it as a mobile app’ way, at least in terms of performance. You may develop an app bit faster with hybrid platforms but performance is important.

Now I think we can move to our original topic.


The Real Question

The first parameter for comparison we can take is ‘compiling to native code’

For React Native we can say the app is developed as a web app (because it uses JavaScript) but compiled to the mobile app. In React Native the JavaScript code is not compiled to native code but it runs on a separate thread which communicates with the native part. Actually, the UI components are compiled to native code by React Native tools.

The JavaScript uses a bridge to communicate with the native part, a native section where all the platform services & widgets are available. This bridge dependency makes it slow & can cause performance issues. Especially if you have a task like rendering UI because in this case, you need frequent communications with native.

The Dart code written in Flutter is compiled to the ARM C/C++ library, which is close to the native code. There is no Dart code running on any thread which communicates with native code. Actually, the compiled library is consumed by native code and that is why it is faster & has better performance. For rendering like tasks it doesn’t go to OS, it uses library & renders on screen.

Now the second parameter can be pre-built widgets or components library.

Here the Flutter provides number widgets or UI components compared to React Native. But the widgets here don’t adapt to OS platform automatically, on the other hand, React Native comes with some partly adaptive components. By adaptation means it can change it’s style automatically to platform it is running on. In Flutter, you can manually check the platform & use widget according to that platform.

As React Native comes with fewer components compared to Flutter, so you have to create custom styles if you want more. In Flutter also you can create custom widgets.

The third parameter is available to support.

As React Native is older than the Flutter so it has more support available, it has a bigger community than Flutter. You can find a lot more libraries & resources for React Native. But not to forget both Flutter & Dart are developed by Google, so it will definitely grow.

One more parameter can be ‘ease of learning’.

From my experience, I can say React Native is easy to start but later it all depends on the third party libraries available that can make things difficult in the long run.

Flutter is difficult to start, as it is complicated, you will have to spend more time in learning but sure, in the long run, it will reduce the efforts.

So this was my exploration of both technologies available. I am still digging more into these two. From the above points, I can say Flutter has some advantages over React Native in terms of performance at least. Rest you can decide.

I hope you liked this article & learned something useful.

Happy Learning!!!